The Running Clinic: Become a Better Runner

While the Running Clinic is listed under the CrossFit® category and hosted by CrossFit® affiliates worldwide, it is open to everyone! Stop by a local CrossFit® affiliate today to learn more.

The Pose Method: A Standardized Approach to Running & Injury Prevention


The Running Clinic is perfect for coaches, athletes and health and fitness professionals, and the registration is open to absolutely everyone! Simply pick your clinic date and its duration: 1-Day or 2-Day.

The information presented during the clinic is designed to teach anyone how to run faster, avoid common injuries and even how to teach others! Participants will learn how to do video analysis and running technique assessment to analyze running gait.

Participants will also be introduced to a scientific concept at the foundation of better movement and will be taught how to use corrective technique drills and running specific strength exercises to improve their running technique, increase speed and develop endurance.

“Since adopting this practice I have seen patients who were unable to run for years, not only start running again, but do so pain free. Other patients have shaved one to two minutes, on average, off of their two-mile Army Physical Fitness Test run times. Since learning the Pose Method, I have personally dropped my half marathon time by 10 minutes.”

– Angela Diebal, LTC, SP
Dir., Physical Performance Service Line, US Army


The Running Clinic teaches participants:

    1. The fundamental principles of all human movement as defined by the Pose Method® system
    2. A clear framework for the running movement
    3. The invariable elements within the anatomy of a running stride and how they contribute to a runner’s speed, endurance, and injury prevention
    4. Drills and exercises that enhance the runner’s perception of the movement and improve his/her motor pattern
    5. Running specific strength conditioning
    6. How to teach running technique in individual and group settings, training sessions and in preparation for endurance events.
    7. How to use video analysis evaluation tool and provides clear guidelines for identifying technique errors
    8. How to address common injuries associated with poor running technique, as well as provides a conceptual foundation for understanding the cause of injuries
    9. How to work with athletes by evaluating their technique and providing drill instruction to improve their technique and speed

“Course with Dr Romanov was one of the best & most inspiring course I’ve ever did. Everything was clear and logical, very good materials to learn, great progression and huge knowledge. I also did CrossFit Endurance Course and the difference was big.”

– Sebastian Pietrowicz,

Beginner’s Guide

Sent electronically 1-2 weeks after course completion to the email address used for registration.

The default language is English. In some countries, a translator is provided. Lecture and small-group practical sessions are translated in real time. Courses with a translator are specified in the “Language” section from the event registration link.

Upon successful completion of a 2-Day course, a Certified CrossFit Trainer may claim sixteen (16) CEUs towards their continuing education.

“In twenty-five years of working with running athletes, I have yet to find a more meaningful resource.”
– Tom Whipple, PT, Penn State Sports Medicine,
author of The Endurance Paradox


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