Beginner's Guide to Pose Running

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running is a guide for runners of all levels that provides step by step instructions, visual demonstrations of all drills and exercises necessary to learn how to run correctly, to learn to run with the Pose Method. It does not get any more detailed than that! To get the most out of this guide you should already be subscribed and logged in so you could follow the progression and view all of the videos.

The invariable element of running – the Running Pose.
This Beginner’s Guide is written to go along with the online video program “Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running”.

If you happen to be an experienced runner and you consider yourself to be in quite a good shape, then this program will help you take your running to a whole new level. We’re confident there are a few more PRs hiding in there. And if you’re a recreational runner that just wants to run without injuries or pain, then you will find your solution in this program as well.

The Structure of the Program

The program is comfortably paced through the span of 12 weeks, but you can either speed it up or slow it down, lighten it up or make it tougher – all at your convenience. That’s the beauty of this program – it is easily customizable to fit your needs.

With each week, each month you will be introduced to new information, new drills and a new level of complexity in training. Our program is built to allow for steady progress and definite improvement. One of the most common arguments against changing running technique and running shoes (to go more minimal) is that unless you do it gradually you will run into trouble. Well, we’ve always said that there are no magic formulas or pills, you have to put in effort and take your time. But you won’t be doing it alone wondering if you got it right. This will be your guide.

This program ensures that your transition to better running technique happens gradually and at a level that is comfortable for you. We made sure to put together very simple and clear videos to show you how to do the necessary running drills and movement exercises correctly. You don’t need to guess if you got it right. Watch the video on any device whether you’re at home, out on the trail or at the gym, and repeat. There are several follow-along routines to help you create a continuous training routine for yourself. And if you ever need an affirmation or a video analysis – get in touch with a Certified Running Technique Specialist online or in your area. You’re also welcome to discuss your progress and post your questions on our Running Forum.

Now you have guidance and support and no excuses. You can become a better runner!

Before You Begin

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting started:

So, here we go.

Watch These First

Make sure to stand up and follow along with the “Running Concepts Introduction” – often a real eye opener. Talking about full extension of the leg when running, or lifting knees real high, or landing on a specific part of the foot is all fun and games until you actually do those things and analyze what’s really happening, or not happening, to be precise.


Part 1

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The Pose Method® system is a combination of online learning and live courses making it the most effective solution available to health and fitness professionals as well as anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. For more information please contact Lana Romanov