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Et Cetera: 5 Things You Should Know About the Running Pose

Every single person goes through the Running Pose when they go running, but not everybody is Pose Running. What’s the difference? Read on.


  1. There is only one (1) Running Pose. The Running Pose that you go through is identical to the Running Pose of the runner next to you at the local race, as well as an elite runner at the championship or Olympics. The Running Pose is the key pose that is the heart of the running cycle. It is a single instance of a moment of stability on support that allows continuous movement when running.
  2. The Running Pose is not the same as Pose Running. The Running Pose, which is the key body pose in running, is at the heart of Pose Running, which is short for the Pose Method® of running technique – the methodology for teaching and learning biomechanically correct running technique.
  3. The Running Pose is a discovery, but the Pose Method® of Running – is a proprietary technology that was developed. After years of coaching and teaching biomechanics at the university, researching and viewing hundreds of hours of footage of some of the best runners in the world, as well as recreational ones, Dr. Romanov discovered that all runners have one thing in common regardless of the skill level or distance – they all go through the Running Pose.
    In order to teach runners of all levels to eliminate the unnecessary elements of running that also cause injuries (like heel striking for example), Dr. Romanov developed a method – the Pose Method of Running
  4. Every single person who runs goes through the Running Pose, but not everybody is Pose Running. As mentioned above, everyone who runs goes through the Running Pose. However, not everyone runs using the Pose Method of Running. Since every single runner goes through the Running Pose, it is easy to take a single photo of a heel striker that happens to be photographed as he/she was going through the Running Pose.
    That is why video analysis is essential. The video reveals what happens before and after the runner goes through the Running Pose. And that is what makes all the difference. Some runners go from Running Pose to Running Pose, that is what the Pose Method of Running essentially teaches, and others land on the heel or flatfooted, roll through, then attempt to toe off as they also attempt to produce full knee extension thinking they are propelling themselves somewhere as they waste precious seconds and significant effort on completely unnecessary commotion all the while increasing the potential of injuries.
  5. To become a better runner all you have to do is eliminate the unnecessary movement between the Running Poses. As a runner, you already go through the Running Pose, so simply do less and not more, go from the Running Pose to the Running Pose. Isn’t it amazing that to run better, to reduce eccentric load on your knees by virtually 50% you are advised to do less?

About the Author

Lana Romanov is a Director of Certification. Having studied and worked at the company since 2001, Lana maintains the Certification Program, writes short articles and assists with research efforts.


Pose Method® 2-Day Educational Seminar is approved for 16 contact hours towards continuing education for Certified CrossFit Trainers and Physical Therapists. Athletes and parents of school age children are encouraged to attend.

The Pose Method® system is a combination of online learning, live seminars and local classes making it the most effective solution available to health and fitness professionals as well as anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

About My Book: The Pose Method® of Running

Despite the volume of scientific articles and books written about running technique, the problem of how to run, and how to teach running technique, has still not been satisfactorily addressed. This tremendous output of information and opinion remains a disjointed, even eclectic, amalgam of anecdotal observation and experience, devoid of any integral unifying concept.

As a result, the teaching process of running is something of a foster child, a process wholly dependent on the individual coach’s insights, preferences and competence. Without an underlying, developed and accepted school of thought as to what constitutes proper running technique, what is taught by any given coach or instructor is pretty much the subject of personal whim.

This book is my attempt to fill this gap and present an integrated and uniform approach to running technique that can be systematically taught by instructors and coaches around the world. The concepts that form the basis of the Pose Method of Running derive not only from scientific principles, but also from observation, intuition and more than 20 years of working with runners at all ability levels.

I proceeded from the simple assumption that running, like any other human movement, must have a “best way” to be done. To find that “best way”, I observed both humans and animals in their running and tried to identify the scientific principles at work in the matter of forward locomotion.

Having identified those principles, I then attempted to develop a system of human movement that would derive the maximum benefit from forces that exist in nature. It was my belief that this movement, while accomplishing essentially mechanical tasks, would be as artistic and refined as the movements that characterize ice-skating, ballet or gymnastics.

To my mind, this search for a “best way” to run was an urgent calling. If, in fact, I could design a curriculum that would allow individuals to run injury free, with better performance and, most importantly, more pleasure in their pursuit, I would have done a service to countless athletes.

Thus, I present this book as a system that will benefit both runners and their coaches. It is based on the combination of scientific reasoning and simple common sense. As such, the proof of the system will not come from strict scientific data, but the success of its repeated application over and over again.

As with other sports that one attempts to learn from a book, an individual’s success in acquiring the benefits of the Pose Method of Running will rest not only on his understanding of the principles and his dedication to learning the system, but also in his or her willingness and ability to seek outside support in the endeavor.

While it is possible to learn the Pose Method by studying this book on your own, it is always better to have outside assistance. Whether it is simply a training partner or a qualified coach, having a second set of eyes to observe your technique and help you along the way will prove an invaluable asset and greatly reduce the time it takes you to adopt this new style of running.

As with any other approach to perfecting sporting endeavors, the Pose Method of Running remains very much a work in progress. As a scientist, a coach, and an author, I am always anxious to hear from anyone concerning their experiences with the Pose Method.

By sharing our knowledge and further refining this technique, I believe we can build an ever-larger community of happy, healthy and satisfied runners around the world. Your thoughts and insights could well become invaluable components of the next edition of this book, to be shared with runners of all ages and nationalities.

About the Author

Dr. Nicholas Romanov is the developer of the Pose Method®. A passionate proponent of higher level of education in athletics, Dr. Romanov dedicated his entire career to sports education, scientific research and coaching. An Olympic Coach and a bestselling author, Dr. Romanov has taught on all continents and visited almost every country in the world.
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