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Training: How to Train for Any Distance

The subject of training for specific distance in running is not as simple or “obvious” as it might seem. Whereas doing sprints while getting ready for 100m seems logical and reasonable, just because you’re preparing to run a marathon, doesn’t mean you should run one during training. I’m often told that it is counterintuitive but… Read more

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5 Golden Rules of Proper Training Program

5 Golden Rules of Proper Training Program

Your training program is one of the most important parts of your training overall. Training process is a very individual thing and, as logic follows, training programs are always very individual masterpieces. Or, at least, they should be. So what is a training program? A training program is a specific structure of volume, intensity and exercise used… Read more

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Running Technique Analysis: Eliud Kipchoge

The idea of breaking the 2 hour record in a marathon is incredibly attractive. It actually does not matter what event we are talking about, as long as there is a potential for peak performance, potential to exceed what we thought was humanly possible – we all get emotionally invested.  And due to popularity of… Read more

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