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Our pioneering online video series that started in 2005 continues to bring you the essence of complicated subjects like biomechanics, injuries & training in quick, easy segments.

Watch it yourself or play them for your kids – all will surely understand, learn and enjoy.


Theory, concepts, analysis and drills presented in a clear and concise manner

Dr. Nicholas Romanov, founder of the Pose Method, speaks at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC. During this seminar, he demonstrates how our active muscle efforts are useless without the presence of body weight.

How do you use your muscles when running? Have you ever been told to “Fire your Glutes”? In this video, watch how you’re muscles can be rendered useless when you can’t apply your body weight.

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Improve Running Technique & Get Ready to Run a Marathon in 12 weeks

This is a video guide for runners of all levels that provides step by step instructions, visual demonstrations of all drills and exercises necessary to learn how to run efficiently and stay injury free.

If you happen to be an experienced runner and you consider yourself to be in quite a good shape, then this video program will help you take your running to a whole new level. We’re confident there are a few more PRs hiding in there. And if you’re a recreational runner that just wants to run better and without injuries or pain, then you will find your solution in this program as well.

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