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Strength Training Guidelines

This page will offer guidance for how to approach optimal strength development as you prepare for your upcoming road race. You will see the main areas of focus for running related strength training as well as how to incorporate them into your program depending on how many days per week you are training.

Main Training Categories

  • Olympic Lifting – These exercises develop support muscles in your legs. They increase your overall capacity for load.

Some Examples:


  • Elasticity – Made up of various hops and jumps, these exercises develop your ability to stay light on your feet.

Some Examples:


  • Hamstring Exercises – These exercises develop the hamstring muscles to improve your ability to pull effectively on every step.

Some Video Examples:


  • Hip Area Strength – The hip area is the bridge between the trunk and the legs, these exercises help you maintain proper body alignment.

Some Video Examples:


  • Abs & Back – An extension of hip area drills, these also help to develop your ability to maintain body alignment.

Some Video Examples:


  • Upper Body – Focused mainly on push-ups, these exercises develop upper body strength to balance overall strength with your lower body.

Some Video Examples:


General Strength Guidelines

Training 3 Days per Week

Training 4 Days per Week

Training 5 or 6 Days per Week


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