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3 ways to learn the Pose Method

As a sports medicine doctor, Pose Method® of Running gives me all the knowledge to easily identify the cause of running injuries – wrong technique. Through teaching the right running technique, pain disappears, often like a miracle.

Thanks for making this. I was introduced to the POSE method by a coach about a year ago while rehabing an over use injury. This year using what I was taught I have remained injury free and I have also set two PR’s at the age of 42, including fastest mile time and longest single distance.

The “Pose Method” for running has enabled me to run 25 minute 5ks (sometimes on 3 consecutive days) without hurting myself. I am amazed, since I have been a non-runner and only began running last summer. Jacky, Valerie, and Dr. Romanov have been my primary “teachers” via their videos. I’m looking forward to learning even more