Beginner's Guide to Pose Running: Part 4

Beginner's Guide to Pose Running: Part 4
This Beginner’s Guide is written to go along with the online video program “Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running”.

The final 4 weeks of this 3 month long program bring it all together and address one of the most important topics – injuries in running. What technique error are you making to cause your injury? How does it happen? And most importantly – how you can prevent running injuries. Now that you know what good running form is and how to maintain it with proper running technique, it will be easier to see and understand the simple mechanism of getting injured.Got knee pain? Shin splints? Lower back or hip issues? We got you covered.

We’ll also cover the additional topics like running on different surfaces, running uphill and downhill, running on treadmill.

As you begin this part of the program remember that it’s divided into three parts for ease of reference and simplicity of use. You are not expected to be at an advanced level of literally mastering your technique now. If you feel you got there – that’s great, but if you don’t – no pressure. The 3 sections of the program are titled so to help you identify which part of the program to turn to and get information from when you need it.

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Week 9

One of the most important aspects of your running training is understanding where injuries come from, when they happen and how to prevent them.

There are technique drills that help you practice correct mechanics and then there are corrective technique drills that help you get rid of bad habits in running and incorrect mechanics. Make sure to add this weeks drills to your regular weekly training regimen to help you maintain good running form.

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Week 10

One of the best parts of running is the variety of the terrain available and acceptable for such activity. But besides the fun factor, various surfaces we run on can be used as training tools – sand can provide much feedback, the trails can help you further develop perception and lower limb strength. So how does running on different surfaces affect your running technique? What technique adjustments do you need to make?

With each week the complexity and the level of difficulty of drills has increased. If you don’t have a training partner, simply do the drills that you can, but try to schedule some partner training so you could do the training necessary. While you can always substitute any of the drills for the ones from the previous weeks and that are more suitable for you, the progress won’t be as good or as complete without the necessary drills and physical load.

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Week 11

As mentioned earlier, the level of difficulty of your training has increased. But this is what’s needed if you’re to fully develop your running potential. If you’re taking a slower approach just keep in mind that you will need more than the length of this program, and that’s ok. Enjoy the training process!

Many runners like to training in groups, so weeks’ 10 and 11 training presents you with a good opportunity to really use the group situation and get these drills done.

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Week 12

If you follow this program to the T, this week you should be ready to run a marathon. Yes, run a marathon. Anyone can run a marathon, it is only a matter of how fast? The key to running one, is the runner’s ability to maintain proper technique. If your form breaks down and you suffer an injury or your knees start to hurt somewhere at mile 10, it won’t matter how good you thought your endurance was, or how good your VO2Max is. The foundation of endurance is technique. The better you can keep your technique, the better are your chances of getting to the finish line. Faster. This is what this program is for. To help you learn and maintain good running technique for life.

As we wrap up this program, remember, it is built so it could be used again and again. Simply mix and match the drills and exercises, increase or decrease the number of reps, and keep on training and running!

Part 4

Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Part 3

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Beginner’s Guide to Pose Running: Part 4