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A Run Club Network for the Running & CrossFit® Communities.

Combining scientific foundation of the Pose Method® with elite strength training of CrossFit® for an awesome and injury-free running experience!


Training for a race? Looking to improve your running? Want to run with a group? Want to get rid of shin splints, runner’s knee?

Join RPM Running Club in your area!

Go to CrossFit website or TechniqueSpecialist website and search these directories for coaches or boxes in your area that have the RPM Running Club and inquire about their training schedule.

Get involved in the running community – Start an RPM Run Club now!

CrossFit Affiliates

RPM Run Club seamlessly blends the technique training of the Pose Method and the elite strength development provided by CrossFit. Simply use our weekly training routines provided to you when you register an RPM Run Club at your location.

Physical Therapists

Guide your clients to faster recovery and work on preventing potential running related injuries.

Running Coaches

Prepare your runners for the next race. Use the Pose Method strength and speed training programs along with the essential running drills.

Upcoming Seminars

Click on the date below to select and register for the Pose Method® seminar and get your RPM Run Club started!


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Sample Drill - Belt Fall

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