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How to reach your peak performance? A million dollar question that is actually pretty simple if we put things in the correct hierarchy.

What is Peak Performance?

Before you can understand how to get yourself there you must understand the topic correctly. What is peak performance? Here’a an informative document to read (G. Wells, Ph.D. Peak Performance: A Literature Review). “Peak performance is a state of exceptional functioning” is a good way to put it.

How do we get to that state? It is a journey. A journey of self discovery, trial and error. There are various points of view, but they mostly focus on things that are really secondary factors as well as the resultant ones. Somehow, the most important factor of achieving peak performance is glossed over.

The Foundation of Peak Performance

From the Pose Method® point of view, athletic training requires an approach that is categorically different from the conventional paradigm of training. The basis of the training program should be the focus on technique – the skill of doing. The development of your skill is and should remain the most important element of training because it is the foundation.

Just think about it. How far do you think you can go if you are broken down by injuries? What peak performance are you dreaming about if you can’t even maintain a regular training schedule due to injuries? Injuries are not the standard, they are the anomaly.

You probably think of your training in terms of physiological factors such as breathing, heart rate and perceived effort. But these elements only reflect how well you are implementing your technique. Makes sense?

Technique is the pivotal point of energy transformation. And movement is all about channeling energy into forward progress. The more perfectly you move, the more efficient you will be at using your available energy resources.

The physiological development occurs as a consequence of good technique practiced at a high level. If your technique is poor and you get injured on regular basis, then you will never be able to train enough for your physiological systems to develop to peak levels.

The Freedom to Reach Your Peak Performance

You will have the freedom to pursue your goal by following the logical steps of development. Each level is a gateway that opens up and takes you to the next level.

  1. Technique work – do this right and your training jumps a level or a few
  2. Strength conditioning to support your technique -do this right and your training jumps a level or a few
  3. Training that is based on correct technique that you’re strong enough to maintain – now you’re free to focus on higher goals like reaching that state of effortless performance

We see this regularly in the training methods of elite athletes. They finish their careers never realizing that they had an incredible potential that was not completely revealed because of a lack of technique development. It is hard to argue with injuries, if you have them you must be doing something not exactly correctly.

Sport specific strength conditioning on top of general level strength conditioning goes hand in hand with proper technique development and maintenance. You need to develop a very specific level of strength to allow for efficient technique execution.

And in training – how long or fast should you run, how far should you swim or pedal? The answer is simple – for as long as you can maintain your technique. Once technique goes down the hill everything else follows.

In your overall approach to training, subordinate your thoughts of weekly mileage totals and think instead of how many quality efforts you make each week. Quality does not equate to speed in this case, it means training sessions where you really concentrate on technique and make every step count.

By optimizing your level of skill and perfecting your movement, you will minimize potential of injury and be able to run (insert your sport of preference here) farther, faster and better which will also allow you to progress in other aspects of performance and ultimately reach your peak performance.


Continuing Education Seminars

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