[pohz] [meth-uhd] – Efficient, injury-free movement taught through poses. You can use the Pose Method techniques to prevent injuries and to dramatically improve your athletic performance.

A system for teaching & learning

The Pose Method® is a system for teaching and learning human movement and sport specific techniques. It was developed by a 2-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov in 1977 in the former Soviet Union. The name of the method comes from the word “pose” or “body pose”.

If you analyze the movement of any body through time and space, you will clearly see that the body passes through an infinite number of poses. Most of the poses are transitional movements and are the result, not the cause, of proper positioning.

Pioneering Methodology

Developed in 1977, the Pose Method became the first method (or way of teaching) to offer a clear standard in both teaching and learning any athletic technique. Due to popularity of running and the paradoxically high number of runners getting injured annually, the Pose Method® of Running technique became the most popular one among all Pose Method techniques. Click on the link to learn how it works in running.


The Pose Method® can be applied to any human movement. In sports, application of the Pose Method® can dramatically improve training and racing performance, help prevent injuries and give a competitive edge.

The Pose Method® offers a unified approach to all sports. One method provides the foundation for the techniques of every single sport and athletic activity.


Teaching people to perform any movement using the Pose Method® leads to less deviations from the optimal parameters of what’s considered efficient technique and movement, making it a simpler, easier to replicate and a better controlled process.

This ease of application and replication makes it easier and simpler to provide instruction, correct errors, address injuries and perform analysis of movement thus making the Pose Method® a perfect tool for coaching, analyzing , teaching, physical therapy and more.


General principles and concepts of movement in Pose Method® – using gravity, key pose, body weight, falling and change of support.

There are over 30 studies and scientific papers, including 5 dissertations on Pose Method® published to date in Russia, South Africa, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and United States.