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Courses listed under the Military category are intended for military. If you are a PT please refer to the courses listed in the PT section.

The Pose Method: A Standardized Approach to Running & Injury Prevention

Live Seminar: 16 Contact Hours

This 2-day course is designed for the members of the Military to learn how to improve readiness and physical fitness. Participants will be taught how to do video analysis and use running technique assessment tools to analyze running gait, movement patterns and identify deviations from the standard established by the Pose Method framework.

Prevention of running related injuries and significant reduction in eccentric knee loading will be discussed. The course will cover the importance of correct technique in running as well as its connection to physical fitness and general readiness. Participants will learn how to use specific technique drills and strength exercises to improve speed and endurance.

Related scientific research and clinical studies will be presented and discussed.

“The Pose Method has the potential to be used as a standard by which running performances can be evaluated, coached and enhanced. In twenty-five years of working with running athletes, I have yet to find a more meaningful resource.”

– Tom Whipple, PT, Penn State Sports Medicine,
author of The Endurance Paradox


This Pose Method® Seminar teaches participants::

  1. The fundamental principles of all human movement defined by the Pose Method system
  2. A clear framework for the running movement
  3. The invariable elements within the anatomy of a running stride and how they contribute to a runner’s speed, endurance, and injury prevention
  4. Drills and exercises that enhance the runner’s perception of the movement and improve his/her motor pattern
  5. Running specific strength conditioning
  6. How to teach running technique in individual and group settings, training sessions and in preparation for endurance events
  7. How to use video analysis evaluation tool and provides clear guidelines for identifying technique errors
  8. How to address common injuries associated with poor running technique, as well as provides a conceptual foundation for understanding the cause of injuries
  9. How to work with athletes by evaluating their technique and providing drill instruction to improve their technique and speed


Duration: 2 days (Weekdays or weekends)

Hours: 9AM – 6PM

Exam: offered online, should be done within 30 days after attending live seminar. If attending the Pose Method® CrossFit Specialty Course, a separate registration for the exam will be required.

Registration: $890

To register for this seminar please check the available dates/locations below or here. To receive a military discount please contact us at

“Romanov’s teachings have dramatically changed and fundamentally shaped the way we think about, understand, and teach not only running, but all movement. The Pose Method is the only teaching method we use.”
-‎ Pat Manocchia,
founder of La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine


Instructional methods will include lecture, video analysis tutelage, multimedia presentation, Q & A sessions throughout the course. The practical portion will include active participation for experiencing corrective drills and exercises, developing running skill and understanding of it, as well as demonstrating competence in course material. A printed multi-page handout will be provided as part of the course registration, options for obtaining further educational and training videos, DVDs, books, instructional booklets and continuing training will be discussed.


Reimbursement for this Certification has been approved under the GI Bill and is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Click here for instructions.

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Age Requirements

Candidates must be 18 or older at the time of attending the course.

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Required Study Material

To study and prepare for the RTS Certification all candidates must read and view the following material prior to attending the Clinic. This will ensure a better understanding of the subject.

  1. The Pose Method of Running (book) To get started with the Pose Method you must get familiar with the essence of the method, its history, its fundamental structure. The best way to do that is to read the Pose Method® of Running written by Dr. Romanov.
  2. The Running Revolution (book) Written for runners, this book provides coaches with additional information on client training, creating training programs, structuring training sessions and classes.
  3. 12 Week Transition Program (Video Program) This transition program was developed to help anyone on any level at any point to transition to Pose running. It provides clear and detailed information on the fundamental structure of the Pose Method of running and reinforces it with visuals, and demonstrations of practical application.

Certification Process

The certification process was developed to ensure the candidates are properly prepared for the certification examination and are prepared for the ‘technique specialist’ designation.


Step 1

Studying the required and additional material is your first step on the way to getting Pose Method® Certified. We have provided you with everything you will need to help you study for the Running Technique Specialist Certification Clinic and to take the Online Exam.

Study Material >>>

Attend a Clinic

Step 2

Theory and practice come together at the Certification Clinic. You will put to practice the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained, study and perform video analysis, learn how to teach running technique to your clients, practice running drills and strength exercises.

Register >>>

Take the Exam

Step 3

This online examination has been developed to assess whether an individual exhibits the competency of required knowledge and skills necessary to be designated as and awarded the title of the Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist.

Get Ready >>>

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend a Certification Clinic to get Certified?

Yes. The Certification Clinic is part of an essential educational process that will enable you to teach the correct running technique.

Can I get Certified online?

No. To become a Certified Running Technique Specialist you need to gain actual practical  hands-on experience.

Is study material included in the price of Certification?

No. The required study material must be purchased separately.

I attended a running clinic with a coach who knows Pose Method very well, can I take the exam and get Pose Method Certification?

No. You have to attend a Certification Clinic conducted by our designated instructor and listed on our website in order to get Certified.

How can I get Certified if there are no Certification Clinics in my area?

The only way to get Certified is to attend a Certification Clinic. We now have courses scheduled in many locations please check our calendar. 

Who conducts the Certification Clinics?

All Certification Clinics are conducted by either Dr. Romanov or a designated Head Coach

I attended the CrossFit Specialty Course: Pose Method, can I get Pose Method Certificate?

Yes, you need to take the Certification Exam online and upon it’s successful completion you will be issued an official Pose Method Certificate.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • If you cancel 48 hours ahead of your scheduled course, a fee of $100.00 will be charged.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your schedule course, no refund fees will be provided.
  • To transfer to the same course scheduled for another date and/or location please contact us as soon as possible.
  • No shows – no refunds, no transfers after the course date.