Learn To Swim Better & Faster Using the Pose Method

Learn to Swim Faster with Pose Method

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Since the Pose Method® of Swimming is new to most of our readers, I’ll start from the very beginning and assume that you’re starting from ground zero. The Pose Method® approach can be effectively used with complete newbies and swimmers looking to improve their technique.

At the beginning you should not think about speed or force or anything like that. What you should focus on is understanding how movement happens in water and then practicing it. Once you master efficient movement through water, feel free to take your training to a more advanced level and focus on speed.

Remember Gravity

If you thought that since this is swimming there’s gonna be no talk about that whole “gravity thing” – think again. Gravity is here to stay, at least for now we should hope. If gravity goes – so will we. We feel its presence and work through our own bodyweight. But remember that our bodyweight is not our body mass. Our bodyweight plays a significant role in our movement – any movement. Swimming is no exception.

Contrary to the traditional view of swimming technique as a “pull arm through a specific trajectory/push the water with lots of force” movement, in Pose Swimming, just like in Pose Running, it is viewed as a ‘change of support’ movement. We can’t really grab the water or pull on it to move forward, but we can provide support for our body moving forward.

Understand Movement

It is not my goal to teach you to swim like fish. You’re not built like fish nor can you develop speeds or maneuverability equal to fish, sorry, it is what it is. But if you take a moment to understand how human body moves in a gravity controlled environment, you will see what you need to do in order to swim. Once that happens, you will swim faster and better as a given.

Movement is change of support. Without change of support there is NO movement. Even in water. Call it a pull or a push or a feel, what your hands are really trying to do is find support in water no matter how fleeting that support is. Good example of this is synchronized swimming. Watch any of their videos and you will notice the precision and freedom of movement: up or down, left or right, back or forward changing direction and speed at will.

In water, we operate with 2 types of support:

When you will master support – you will master swimming.

Tip: When you can pull yourself out of water down to your waistline while floating vertically (without hanging on the edge of the pool or touching the bottom with your feet) – you have mastered support in water. Hey, you can feel accomplished the minute you can pull yourself out down to your chest level.

Do Swimming Drills

I know this is your favorite! You know you love it! No matter how much you might actually hate the drills, you better change your perspective and get on with the program. They are not a boring routine, (and if they are then you’re not doing them right) – drills are your ticket to success. Well performed drills at the mindful training session translate into a superior technique at the race, i.e. when it matters the most. Do you still think drills are a nuisance? Get your book out and get your phone and pull up our video program, find those drills and get busy. First chapters on swimming include all ‘support’ drills you will need to start with, and the video program will take you step by step through the entire learning process. It couldn’t be easier.

Do Short Distance Practice

So you don’t get tired and hurt yourself with incorrectly performed swimming (shoulder injuries among swimmers are like knee injuries among runners), stick to very short practice swims. After all what’s the point of carrying on with technique that’s not quite happening yet, you don’t want that ingrained. What you want is a short swim to test it out and then do drills again. One pool length is plenty at the beginning.

Take your time to learn how your body moves in water, it will help you to become a skillful and a confident swimmer.


Swimming Classes

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Swimming Technique Instructor Courses

Understanding and improving swimming technique is part of the Pose Method Certification Course. Designed for health and fitness professionals, it is also a great starting point for anyone looking to become a swimming coach.

The Pose Method® system is a combination of online learning and live courses making it the most effective solution available to health and fitness professionals as well as anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. For more information please contact us.

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