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Romanov Academy of Sports Science is dedicated to the well-being and success of college athletes. Our training seminars are designed to create a high level of competency among team coaches and support teams, and promote skill and strength development among college athletes to help ensure lifelong health and athletic success.

This 2-day course is designed for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants to learn how to use video analysis and running technique assessment tools to analyze running gait, movement patterns and identify deviations from the standard established by the Pose Method framework.

Participants will also learn how to use specific corrective technique drills and strength exercises to reduce eccentric knee loading, to improve pain and disability associated with the chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Related scientific research and clinical studies will be presented.

“Implementing pose allowed me to add more conditioning and yet solve my chronic overuse injuries. To me, pose was a new beginning, two injury free final years in the NCAA, and 5 school records.”

– Shannon Marchant,
NCAA Division 1

Athlete Training

More student-athletes than ever before compete in 24 sports every year. The number of injuries had dramatically increased alongside the number of participants. Majority of injuries are non contact and can be prevented and avoided.

While growing up, I was always known as “the fast kid” in my class. I started running track at an early age and found success immediately. While continuing to run track as I grew older, I continued to compete and win but I was never able to reach that next level.

I got to high school and ran for the next 3 years under under sub par coaching staffs who wouldn’t teach me much other than “go run fast.” Then, like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, as I was going into my senior year I was blessed with a coaching staff who actually studied running and knew a few things about it. At the beginning of the season of my senior year, I started practicing Pose. I became more familiar with the style and watched my times drop as I was progressing through the season. I started to feel like I was really beginning to separate myself from my competition like I had finally reached that next level.

In high school, I was never able to reach my true potential until I was able to learn how to run efficiently, Pose gave me that. As I became more familiar with the style, I felt my self running smoother every day at practice, using all of my energy efficiently and utilizing what the earth was giving me; gravity. I learned how to pull and fall and by the end of the season I could break things down into one simple command: stay in Pose. It was the difference between being an all-state sprinter my Junior year in high school, and a state champion sprinter my Senior year.

Mike Rossman, 400m, State Champion
Mike Rossman, 400m, State Champion

Skill & Precision

Athletes’ skill development is a single vital factor that can change everything from athletes’ health to the outcome of the game or race. Proper skill development is based on biomechanically correct technique and promotes precision and efficiency.

Speed & Agility

Running Technique Specialist
Agility is one of the main fitness components, important for success in many sports. The ability to quickly change body position or direction of the body is influenced by balance, coordination, as well as running speed and skill.

  • lateral speed
  • 40 yard dash

Coach Education & Support Team Instruction

The Pose Method® is a system with a unique focus on technique. Technique is the cornerstone of any athletic activity, any movement. Improving technique will make a dramatic difference in health and performance of your athletes and will allow you to take their training  to the next level.

The Pose Method® Course teaches participants to:

  1. Define the core concepts of the Pose Method program.
  2. Identify the primary points of performance of the foundational movements.
  3. Perform the foundational movements safely and identify when they have committed a form error.
  4. Perform video analysis and identify when they have committed a form error.
  5. Identify correct movement when training others.
  6. Identify unsound movement and apply appropriate correction toward improved movement.
  7. Apply the Pose Method safely and effectively while gaining the experience necessary to develop competency in training others using Pose Method techniques.


Attend one of our technique and training seminars. We recommend coaches and support staff attend alongside their athletes to ensure better understanding and ability to implement the technique in practice.



Host a seminar at your school. When it comes to school teams, this is a winning option in our experience. Hosting a seminar for your entire team of athletes and coaches makes a dramatic difference. Gaining an understanding of errors in technique and how to avoid them, ensures success through out the entire season by helping to keep the athletes injury free and in top athletic form.

To schedule, contact us at your earliest convenience. It is highly recommend to schedule at the beginning of the off season.
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