Treadmill Running Technique Specialist


When running on a treadmill, overstriding is the most common running technique deviation that can expose the runner to pain and potential injuries.

If part of your training regimen involves running on a treadmill you need to know how to identify common running technique errors and how to instruct your clients to run on the treadmill correctly.

Become a Treadmill Running Technique Specialist

Continuing Education for Personal Trainers – As per the standard in the fitness community, personal trainers have a need to further their education. The TRTS certification covers theory and practical modules in Running Technique that will offer a competitive advantage to trainers. The course consists of 10 continuing education hours (or points/credits) featuring instructional videos, reading materials, and coaching assets. Personal trainers can apply these credits to maintain their professional credential with major national governing bodies every two years.

Cost per Trainer = $199

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