The Pose Method: A Standardized Approach to Running & Injury Prevention

The Pose Method® Specialist Certification will enable you to offer your clients and athletes concrete practical advice on proper form, injury prevention, technique and training. Our Specialist Certification will help you identify and address movement related inefficiencies and injuries in a prompt and effective manner.

The Pose Method® Certification Program delivers the most effective model of teaching and it will make a dramatic difference in your practice, bring your professional standing to the next level and compliment your other currently held titles and certifications.

Become a Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist. Teach your clients and athletes how to run and help them become faster and reduce injuries. Developed by an Olympic Coach, the Pose Method® of Running is currently the only method of teaching running technique with scientific and clinical evidence of reducing impact on knees by virtually 50% and dramatic reduction of pain and disability associated with the chronic compartment syndrome.