The Pose – how it works

sequence of poses

As mentioned in the previous article, when moving, our body goes through an infinite number of poses in space and time. Among the multitude of those poses there are those that play an essential role in forming our movement as a whole. Those poses are … [Read more]

The Pose

the poses

There are many poses. Any and all human movement consists of a myriad of poses. However, some are at the center of the movement and others are just happening in between. Some poses transfer energy and redirect movement others are insignificant, while … [Read more]

(Beginner) runner: gear check

running gear

"Running boom" is a cycle, as you might have noticed, and it’s not going anywhere. Every now and then it gets a fresh bout of wind in its sails and repeats itself but along the way adds a wave of newer gadgets, newer shoes, newer technology, … [Read more]

Strength training in running

What kind of strength do we need in running?

While the question ‘do we need strength in running?’ is not a question anymore, the question, ‘what kind of strength do we need there?’ is still unclear. That is why I would like to discuss this topic in a short description of the logic of strength … [Read more]

Proper body alignment in running

Proper body alignment in running

When running, proper body alignment becomes even more important. Considering the level of impact associated with running we must be even more diligent. And also, what body do you think would move faster and more efficiently from point A to point B – … [Read more]

Posture – proper body alignment


Often when people say ‘posture’ they refer to just the upper body. They try to straighten the back, adjust the shoulders, the neck, lift up the chin, etc. Somehow the feet and the lower body are left out. We brought in the experts to clarify … [Read more]